MKMMA Week 13: The “Sit”—Must be Having Fun!

My oh My!  Time is a Flyin’!  So I must be having fun, right?

Today’s post is another Short and Sweet Blog.  It’s about the “Sit”.  I have always had some challenges when it comes to the “Sit”- 15 minutes of Daily Stillness as assigned in the MKMMA.  I struggle to keep my mind clear.  And I know the wonderful benefits of the sit- and yet I resist.  Recently I was listening to Abraham- Hicks.  These are collections of teaching that I have been following closely for the last 13 years.  This YouTube Video explained the “Sit” more clearly than I have ever understood.  I love it when the peices fall together for me.

I hope you enjoy this explanation.

Have a Great Day!

MKMMA Week 12 Round 2: Back in the Ol’ Saddle


Yep…. Here we are.

Back in the Saddle.  Good thing I like my Horse…..

Seriously though…. I love my Horse.  In other words, I love what I do.

I love what I do.  And I feel so much appreciation for that.

I felt a little sorry for people who posted this picture on Facebook:


i don't want to go back to work


I don’t want to brag… But I’m not one of those people.  I love my job.  I love to relax too.  But I love what I do.  It’s fun and exciting and I love it. (Did I mention I love what I do?).

I sincerely hope this for people who hate their job.  I hope they decide to Appreciate their job.  Because the more you appreciate something, the better it feels.  Period. I hope people that have a job that they don’t want to go to decide to make a list of 5-10 things a day that they appreciate about their job.

I have been listening to A LOT of Abraham- Hicks Material.  Here is a sample:

Click HERE for a sample of Abraham- Hicks talking about Appreciation 

Abraham Hicks has played a role in my life for the last 13 years.  It’s been quite a journey.

And I do love what I do for a living…… But I want to let you know that it too, has been 13 years in the making. There has been a lot of struggle, fear, uncertainty, hope, joy, success, failure, etc.  I used to have  a job and I decided I never wanted to have a job again.

So I took advantage of Maternity Leave in Canada (12 months paid- um…. ya- lucky!)

canadian flag

 I bought a bunch of rental property and then more and more and more until I had done a TONNE of real estate.  That had it’s ups and downs and lessons and eventually led me to the work that I LOVE to do today.

But keep in mind…. during most of  that time my husband had a job that he HATED.  In fact it wasn’t until 3 years ago that he finally said “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

And we did.

And there have been plenty of scary times since then as well.

When you are an entrepreneur it’s “Eat what you kill.”  Sometimes the freezer is full.  Sometimes the freezer can dwindle down to that last “shoulder roast” and a person can get a little nervous……

eat what you kill

And it’s so worth it.

Because yes, I loved the 2 week break I got… I did.  It was amazing.  I feel refreshed and re- energized… Ready to take on the world.

bring it on

So there you go……

Julie’s ramblings for the day.

Oh ad I haven’t said a lot about MKMMA lately.  Honestly, one of the main reasons I love my job and am able to do what I love is because of the skills I have learned through being part of the MKMMA.

Thanks for reading my Blog.

Now Go make a list of everything that you Appreciate about your job!

You rock.





love other


MKMMA Week 11 Round 2- “Party Time”

More Catch- up happening….

So my last blog was about a wonderful Christmas Holiday.  I totally Chilled, Binge- Watched Netflix, drank wine, ate desert almost every night.  It was really nice.

And we had a New Year’s Eve Party.

Now  how all this came about was when my “Yellow” personality husband, Geoff said “I want to Have a New Year’s Eve Party.”

happy new year 2016

And you know what?!?!?  I really didn’t.

I wanted to stay in my jammies and hide in my dungeon and Binge Watch more Netflix.



I really had to adjust my attitude to get geared up for this party.

So we took some time to tidy up the house, and invited a few folks over.

AND IT WAS AWESOME!  All three groups of people had kids and the kids went absolutely bonkers… They ran all over our house, played video games, hide and seek, then ventured outside for ZipLining (yes we have a Zip Line in our Backyard- remember, “Yellow” personality hubby….) and sledding (tobagganing for my Canadian friends).

Our friends didn’t really know eachother.  We were the common “thread”.  But they all got along like peas and carrots.

peas and carrots

I got to know a friend of my husbands and his girlfriend better.  It was just really so nice.

Slowly, they trickled away from our house as the night got later and later and kids got more and more tired… And just as our last guest left,  LO AND BEHOLD another family stopped by to wish us Happy New Year.

So they came in… We poured some more wine, visited, poured a little champagne and rang in the New Year.

It was one of the Best New Year’s I have ever had.

Oh, and I forgot to mention my Husband prepared an “Epic Meal Time” size Lasagne.  It seriously weighed like 80 pounds…. It was so yummy! (and not just because I didn’t have to make it).


(This picture DOES NOT do my hubby’s Lasagne justice)


If you haven’t seen Epic Meal Time on YouTube, Here you go:  EPIC MEAL TIME



Thanks for reading my Blog.

MKMMA Week 10 Round 2



I don’t think I really need to say anthing more…. I WILL however.  :)

I had an amazing, restful, lazy, glutonous (is that a word???) Christmas holiday.  Once 2:30 Friday, December 18 hit… I was on VACATION.

I didn’t need to wake anyone up for school for 2 solid weeks.

My husband took care of ALL the Christmas presents including wrapping and sending for everyone.  This is how I felt”



It was really dreamy for me….

You see, I have 5 amazing kids.  I have done most Christmas’ since we started having kids 13 years going on 14 years ago..

It’s  a lot of work.

I did buy one present…. A night a Sparkling Hill Resort her in the Okanagan for me and my hubby.  It was so nice!


AND…… We didn’t have any company for Christmas, we were invited to relatives a short 45 minute drive away.  So easy peasy Lemon Squeezy.

I feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to conquer the world.

Happy 2016 to You!


Thank for reading my Blog.  :)

MKMMA Week 9 Round 2: Launch Launch

We did it!  Got it off the ground!  My online Real Estate Investment course.  It’s really just so exciting.

My husband built a Studio for me complete with lights and tripods and everything!  He also purchased some shelves for my “background” which ended up not working out becasue of Shadows….

Man, the things you learn!

So we shot 3 videos over the course of 4 Days.  They were friggin’ awesome if you ask me.  My husband, Geoff (yes, he has a name) spent 8 hours EACH video editing!  That’s 24 hours of editing.  Mostly because he was pretty new at it… Then once he got good, he had to go back and make everything BETTER!  He’s so cute.

Oh, and we had an EVENT…. I was one of the speakers.  I just basically told my Story for 20 minutes (it’s a great story by the way), I got some laughs, I like to think I also evoked some pretty darn good emotion from the crowd as well.

And get this…. 10 people bought my Course!!! It was awesome!  Then we launched “officially” a couple days later and 3 more people bought my course!

I’m like a kid in a friggin’ candy store.

I’m having such a great time.  Thanks for reading my Blog.  I gotta go.. My cart closes soon!

work hard dream big

That pretty much sums it up.

Oh, and HAVE FUN!!!

Thanks for taking the time to ready my blog.  I know you have literally Billions to chose from.



MKMMA Week 8: Pre- Launch

I’m getting ready to launch an online Real Estate Investment Course.

It’s been 14 years in the making. Lots of ups and downs and lessons along the way.

I’m stepping into a whole new world of Marketing and Online (yes, that’s right) sales!

I am usually a one on one person.  I like to talk to people.

See the expression on their face.

Hear their emotion in their voice.

But the world need my content…And the Internet is the fastest most efficient way to give it to them.

Here’ s my fancy new logo:



Street Smart Banner


Isn’t she purdy?


Anway, I’m super crazy busy having fun with this.  I’m going to keep you posted bit by bit on how things go.

Oh and BTW, I am working on this with my husband.. This has been wonderful.  We work together great when it comes to the kids and the hosue and stufff..

But typically, business is a little more challenging.  He and I are both in creation mode here.  He DESIGNED my purdy logo and took care of all the management around making it look incredible.

It’s nice to be working with him on this.  Love that guy.


Thanks for reading my Blog.  Best to you, Sunshine.

have a nice day

Week 7 Round 2

This week is my Birthday week!

I turn 42 years old.  Wow. Can’t beleive it.  I remember very clearly this time in my life one year ago…..

I walked around all day long with my cell phone in my hands.  I never let it out of my site on the Day of my Birthday.

You see, my Mom was dying of stage 4 Lung Cancer.  She had ALWAYS called on my birthday.  And for the past few years, I would miss the phone call when she called.  So she and my Dad would always sing Happy Birthday to me on my voicemail.

Well I was NOT missing that call last year.

And finally it came.  I answered live and my Mom and Dad sang me “Happy Birthday”.  It was the last time my Mom sang to me.  She could barely sing it… But she did it anyway.

I love that lady.  I’m so glad I was there to answer the phone.

Pick up the phone when your parents call…..

Thanks for reading my Blog.

My and my Mom's hands before she passed.

My and my Mom’s hands before she passed.

Week 6 Round 2:

Let’s see… What WAS I doing 4 weeks ago.

I think I was still THINKING ABOUT doing my Launch.. Not really planning it as well as I could have.

Should have.

Would have.

What a bunch of Bullsh*t….

Things happen when they are supposed to happen.

How they are supposed to happen.

And with the people they are supposed to happen with.

So this is Week 6.

Not my best work.

Wait till you read week 10, though!


Today’s Motto for me.

Thanks for being here.  I know you have Millions- maybe Billions of blogs to choose from.



MKMMA Week 5 Round 2

It’s really quited down around here….

A few of my awesome Tribe have decided not to “Answer the Call” which is tough to accept sometimes.. But everyone is on a different path.  I hope they return soon.  My heart sincerely goes out to each of them with love.

love other

And All my little Ducklings have flown the coop…. (that’s not the right wording- but it’s kinda funny).  Everyone is off and running with their DMP’s  woohoo!!!  They are Blogging like the “dickens” and doing just so great.  It’s fun to see people on their journey.  I remember this time last year… I was in Florida with my Family at Disney.  Such a great time.   I remember starting November with Greatest Salesman Chapter on Love.  Here’s a pic.


Disney II


And I’m SLAMMED outside of the Master Keys… I am working on an Online Real Estate Investment Course.. Something that is a product of this wonderful Master Mind.  But Holy moly is it ever a learning curve!  I’m launching a product!  A totally new and exciting adventure. I’m on my own little (actually HUGE) Hero’s Journey.  Here’s my Logo..


Street Smart Banner

Cool, eh?

Back with more on that.  Thanks for reading my Blog.  Have a great week!

P.S.  Tomorrow is 11:11- Rememberence Day.  Be sure to thank a Veterean!



rememberence day

MKMMA Week 4 Round 2 – Caught up….

Here I am!  Caught up!


I’ve done this before… It happens. It’s like getting caught up on your books for your business..  Or getting caught up on Thank you Notes for Christmas (which I am kinda ashamed to say I NEVER do- oops).  Anyway, I’ve played catch up for the MKMMA before.  Last year, My Mom was put in Hospice care for Lung Cancer about this time of year.  In fact it was on October 28, 2014.  Wow.  I can’t believe it has been one year already. She Passed away soon thereafter.  Here’s a pic of my beautiful Mom:

Mom's prayer card

As you can see, she was lovely. But this was a pretty tough time in my life.  So I got behind on MKMMA stuff.  On my reads, on my sits, on my Blogs for sure.  But I got caught up.  I was recently reminded that as a Master Key Guide, I am supposed to be Blogging…. Hello!  So I did 3 blogs in one day.  That’s right… 3 Blogs!  They are nothing fancy.  But you know what?!?!  If I can get caught up after going through the death of my Mom last year, and then get caught up again this year…. Then guess what?!  You can too!

I hope you have a great day.  I thank you for reading my Blog.





P.S.  If you wonder what I am saying about Sits and Reads and Blogs… Then please click HERE for more info.  You’ll be glad you did.  Cheers.